Our Commitment

Our partnerships with universities and lecturers make truly affordable education a reality. The traditional modes of delivery often burden students with costly education resources. Through our adaptive technology we are committed to providing education material at a significantly lower cost.

Corpus Education resources for subjects go beyond a traditional textbook. We maximise students' engagement with courses through the latest teaching methodologies.

Innovative and Adaptive Technology

Corpus Education connects students’ needs to the lecturers’ expectations, helping everyone accomplish their goals more efficiently and at a lower cost.

  • Textbooks are designed to the specific needs of the units
  • Dynamic quizzes and assignments are designed to maximize student engagement
  • Lecturers receive reports of their students’ performance on an ongoing basis



Integrated Environment

Corpus Education is a smart and integrated environment for students and lecturers. It enhances student comprehension through e-textbooks, interactive assessments, and audiovisual materials. All materials are easily accessible at your fingertips.

Customised and Equitable

All publications have been developed based on the expected learning outcomes for each unit. Lecturers make available only the material required for students to gain competency in the unit. Therefore, students pay for only what they need.

Because the information has been developed specifically for each unit, lecturers are able to spend more time addressing key areas to ensure high level comprehension and retention.

Equal Opportunities

We are not only committed to making education more affordable for all students, but also to support those who are most in need. For eligible applicants, we will provide partial or full concession on the textbooks.

Eligibility categories:

1-      Repeating a subject: students who fail a subject and have to repeat are automatically eligible for 100% concession. If you wish to apply for this concession, visit here

2-      Financial hardship: Australian students who receive Centerlink benefits (such as Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY and etc.) may be eligible for 30% to 50% concession

3-      Severe financial hardship: students who are experiencing severe financial difficulties and require additional assistance than category 2.

In order to apply for the equity scheme, you will need to send us your “Equity Application” within 14 days of purchasing your textbook at the full price. You can find the application by clicking on Equal Opportunities Application Form.

All applications must be sent to equal.opportunities@corpuseducation.com.au

We will process your application and will notify you of the results within 7 to 14 days. If additional documentation was required, one of our case officers will contact you.

Last modified: Thursday, 30 November 2017, 1:46 PM