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At Corpus Education we understand that educators in today’s age face a number of challenges while adapting educational material and resources for their students’ needs. We work together with you to customize a high quality educational environment.

Corpus Education is innovation in publication technology, which operates with exceptionally low overhead cost and as a result we pass these savings on to our authors. 

As a prospective Corpus Education author you will be leaders in your field. We would love to learn more about you and your ideas.

Beyond Textbooks

At Corpus Education we assist you to develop your very own textbook, tailored to the way you like to teach.

In addition, we enhance your students learning experience through a number of teaching innovations. Our methodologies are based on scientific research and the latest advancements in teaching literature.

Analytics and Performance Measures

Through our cutting edge technology, we provide you with feedback on your students’ performance. Our reports are intuitive and informative, regardless of the size of your cohorts. They empower you with a more productive connection between you and your students.

Publish with Us

If you are an ongoing teaching staff at a higher education institution, we assist you to publish your textbook with us. We understand that developing a textbook and related materials is a large project and we understand your time commitments with your work.

We support you throughout the process and we can also help you to project manage. If you share the passion of being on the frontier of education technology with us, we will support you to meet your goal.

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To request permission to photocopy or republish excerpts from Corpus Education contact
For requests to republish material in another work, please include the following information:

  • Author and title of the Corpus Education publication
  • Edition number
  • Copyright year
  • The specifics, including page numbers

The Australian Copyright Act 1968 allows the reproduction of a “reasonable portion” (usually 10% or 1 chapter if the work is available for purchase) by any Australian educational institution for its educational purposes provided that the institution has sent a Statutory Educational notice to Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) and been granted a license.

For details on the Australian statutory educational and other copyright licenses go to Copyright Agency Limited

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